This is not the regular mario game! It’s insanely hard version with lots of hidden death traps. Unfair mario is the game that can make you break your keyboard!

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Ham December 1, 2015 20:26 Reply
Ha i failed how do you do level 1
captainskyliner August 22, 2015 23:46 Reply
i love when youtubers play this
Callum Renno July 17, 2014 11:20 Reply
Im fat :D
Xx_69matt69_xX April 1, 2015 14:16 Reply
Renno  me too
Callum Renno July 17, 2014 11:19 Reply
Im a Peasant Subaru Luvr.
This game needs Subarus.
Pls add subarus as my family dont luv meh no more.
Hire me pls as mcdonalds say im too Fat and ill eat it all.
Ham December 1, 2015 20:27 Reply
Renno i am not sure you are fat. But i prefer KFC. If you want to you could become a video game player and play games to make sure they are good enough to be actually sold.? 
Ham December 1, 2015 20:28 Reply
You wouldn’t have to get up very often :)
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